We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.

Our philosophy at CADDS Product Innovation + DESIGN is to execute well, not quickly. While we understand time is a very important factor (we know you’re as keen as mustard to help the world by getting your product to market), it is paramount due process is followed.  We’ll navigate you along the design process, from visual concept to final manufacturing components. Here’s how:

Project Review

Here’s what to expect during our free one-hour consultation:

  • Introduction to CADDS Group and our capabilities
  • Client introduction of product/idea
  • Feedback and product potential
  • CADDS Product Innovation + Design project overview.


Stage 1: Concept

The concept stage involves the following work:

  • General research on similar products to those being developed in your project
  • Investigation into the possibility of registering a patent or design
  • Research into any AS/NZ standards that may apply
  • Preparation of a concept sketch and basic modelling of the product
  • Creation of basic renders and animations, as an additional option, to present your product.

Stage 2: Engineering

The engineering stage involves the following work:

  • Selection of material and/or vendor items
  • Supply of detailed 3D model with accurate structure and tolerances, ready for prototyping or fabrication
  • Preparation of a bill of material
  • Supply of updated product intent documentation (featuring more details such as renders, sections, an exploded view, material list and instructions).

We also provide these additional services:

  • An in-depth animation
  • FEA (Finite Element Analysis) simulations for critical parts and functions
  • Discussion of marketing options (including packaging, logo and distribution).

Stage 3: Drafting & Prototype

The drafting & prototyping stage involves the following work:

  • Creation of engineering drawing as per AS/NZ standard
  • Creation of a detailed bill of material
  • Liaise with suitable factory for prototyping and/or production of your product
  • Preparation of a prototype (created using either 3D printing methods, CNC machined components, mock-up models or steel fabrication, depending on the objective of the prototype).

Once we have tested the prototype, we will create a detailed report of defects in the design. 

Staeg 4: Pre-Manufacturing

The pre-manufacturing stage involves the following work:

  • Creating a product manufacturing specification (quality control) document, which includes the following specifications:
  • Product testing (tests are in accordance with, and specified by, AS/NZ standards)
  • Material specification and data sheet
  • Surface finish and component colour
  • Date code location
  • Logo location
  • Packaging
  • Instruction manual
  • Product assembly instruction.

Stage 5: Manufacturing

The manufacturing stage involves the following work:

  • Engagement of the manufacturer to conduct a pilot run sample (to be reviewed using the product manufacturing specification document)
  • Create a report of defects found and recommend modifications
  • Update all required documentations to reflect reasonable modifications
  • Ensure quality controls are in place and followed
  • Organise logistics, including packaging and transport
  • Update all required documentations to reflect modifications.

Let’s be in touch:

We know you need time to think. If you are still unsure, you are most welcome to our new office so we can discuss your project requirements.  Did we also mention that our first consultation is FREE!