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At CADDS Product Innovation + Design, we understand things are difficult before they are easy. It’s an inevitable part of the creative process. A test of the human spirit. Our design DNA knows the development journey is full of leaps of faith. Moments when everything is in question. But you back yourself and act nonetheless. That’s why when you deal with us, we will both lead and guide you. It’s because we understand.

We share beliefs around efficiency and environmental responsibility with our sister team, CADDS Energy. In our designs, we seek out efficient or reduced use of materials. It’s the bringing together of environmental responsibility and ethical, future-focused entrepreneurship.


ID&D is the complete process of bringing a new product to market - the transformation of an opportunity into a tangible product available for sale.

The success of a new product hinges on a good understanding of customer needs and requirements (driven by cost, time and quality), the competitive environment and the nature of the market. CADDS Product Innovation + Design is developing continuous practices and strategies to better satisfy customer requirements and increase our market share by regular development of new products.

With each project comes many uncertainties and challenges. These must be combated through a process of best practice and the elimination of barriers in communication. Our role as industrial designers is to create and execute design solutions for problems of form, function, usability, physical ergonomics, marketing and brand development.


Product designers and engineers typically render product models during several different stages of development. In order to create the visual assets used to sell and support the final product, rendering and animations are commonly used both during early concept development (to facilitate buy-in) and then again after 3D CAD models are completed.

Rendering and animations give you the benefit of flexibility, limitless choices, low cost and uniqueness. Thanks to improved rendering algorithms and hardware acceleration, changes today can be made before moving on to the next phase, which saves on development and advertising costs. 


Before cutting any material, we first need to determine the objective of the prototype.

Would you like to:

  • Assess practicality?
  • Gauge visual aesthetics?
  • Test to see if your product complies with standards?
  • Trial operation of moving mechanical parts?
  • Evaluate assembly for manufacturing?

If so, there are many options in the prototyping process that can be used, such as 3D printing, CNC machining, vacuum casting, plus open and close temporary tooling.

In some cases, we may be able to save you money by using the prototype for testing and approval. If you are unsure which rapid prototyping process is best suited for your project, please contact us. 


Product requirements vary from market to market. When designing a product, the first step is to look at what standard requirements apply. In some cases, the requirements are specific, spelled out in a contract or in regulations referenced to an Australian Standard. In other cases they may be covered by law. Certification is a means of demonstrating compliance with recognised and accepted standards which provide an edge over your competitors.

The compliance certificate benefit gives you:

  • Market access
  • A product that stands out
  • Reduced product liability claims
  • Improved product performance and quality.



The term “reverse engineering” covers any activity undertaken to determine how a product works, or to learn the ideas and technology used originally to develop the product. Reverse engineering is a systematic approach for analysing the design of existing devices or systems. You can use it either to study the design process or as an initial step in the redesign process in order to:

  • Observe and assess the mechanisms which make the device work
  • Dissect and study the inner workings of a mechanical device
  • ·Develop the part or product geometry in a CAD model from the actual part or product
  • Compare the actual device to your CAD model geometry and suggest improvements.

At CADDS Product Innovation + Design, our reverse engineering process utilises hardware and software which work together - the hardware is used to measure an object, while the software reconstructs it as a 3D model. The physical object can be measured using 3D scanning technologies such as a coordinate measuring machine, laser scanner, structured light digitiser or computed tomography. We can assist you in big or small projects. 


Today's product designers are presented with a myriad of choices when creating a product and preparing it for manufacture. At CADDS Product Innovation + Design, we have a vast knowledge of processes, ranging from what used to be known as traditional "crafts" to the latest technology, enabling our designs to be manufactured effectively and efficiently.

As part of CADDS Group, we have the resources to supply and manufacture any product, both locally and offshore. 

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Coporate and Product Branding

With over 10+ years industry experience, our designers are professional brand builders.  We embrace your thoughts and ideas to create your perfect brand identity to represent your business or product.  We are at the forefront of technology using the latest design techniques and software.  Our brand identity comprises of:  Corporate branding, Product branding, Brand identity guidelines document, Colour replication data sheet, Corporate and product website with e-commerce functionality. We can also create custom graphics for integration in your work system.




From packaging design to product placement on the retail shelf, we will guide you through the whole process.  It all starts with great packaging design that also needs to meet protection requirements for distribution, storage and sale.  The next step is packaging optimisation which is our trade secret but in short, we make sure that you are getting the best possible performance out of your packaging, labelling and distribution system.  We also create instructional documentation, product quick guide, product warranty and Australian/New Zealand barcode generation.

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