Need financial help to bring your vision to life? We can help you apply for the government’s Research and Development (R&D) Tax Incentives to offset some of the costs of innovating your product. For information, visit the Australian Government website "National Innovation & Science Agenda" by click on “Grants & Assistance” below.

protect your idea.

Having a great Idea is a good start but before going any further you must know how to protect your idea.
We strongly suggest our clients have potential investors and anyone they discuss their idea, to sign a confidentiality agreement. Your idea with all it's information is safe with us and before we have our Start Up meeting, we will have you covered.
We believe that your idea is exactly that - Yours.

make it happen!

At CADDS Product Design + Innovation, we’re tasked with developing your idea from initial concept and design to a completely engineered final product ready for manufacturing, marketing and distribution.

By completing the questionnaire, you will give our team a head start on what your goals are and how to achieve your dream.

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I understand that the product idea information I submit cannot be used, disclosed or sold without my express written permission. I also understand that all Cadds employees are required to sign a confidentiality agreement for my protection. I believe that I am the original inventor of the idea described herein. I authorize Cadds to review my idea and contact me to organise free consultation about my idea.